Hi, my name is Gregory Gerhardt.

I was born in South Africa in 1977; grew up, went to school and studied law in Basel, Switzerland; live and work in Zurich; have a wonderful wife and an awesome son; enjoy the mountains and love the sea; addict to all things outdoor, from trail running to biking, windsurfing and paragliding; spend most of my life in Switzerland and South Africa. Follow me on Twitter.

The reasons for an ultra-long-distance trek

After walking from beautiful Table Mountain to wonderful Cape Point in 2009 I knew that I wanted to do an ultra-long trek in South Africa. It had to be a mission that would require thorough preparation - a project where I could work on my mind and body, increase my endurance, learn about the South African geography, trekking equipment, history and all the rest that comes with it. But beyond all, I want to experience a distance that we otherwise just consume by plane, car or boat.

My supporters

This project has primarily been enabled by my employer, Zurich domiciled Drupal agency Amazee Labs. Amazee Labs is giving me a month off in the course of their extreme project series. And this is the first sequel.


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