Day 12: Through the Karoo to Fraserburg

Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

Day 12: The Karoo served me the full spectrum: Majestic plains and lots of animals to wonder at. Stormy and ruthless headwinds to fight against. After a morning that started out just perfect with Lorenz' company (a South African sportsman I met at the Guesthouse) the wind shifted to South West after I left Loxton for the 100 km of gravel road heading to Fraserburg. For the next ten hours the estimated 5 to 6 beaufort of wind slowed me down to a steady 10km/h (!). The reward was a delicious dinner with my family at Juliana's guesthouse in the arty and pictoresque desert island of Fraserburg. Paradise!


Hey Greggster! Nur no drei (zwei) Dääg??!! Vo do uss sehts nid so aasträngend uss, aber ebbe, nur vo do uss... Schad ischs scho bald verbii, die tägliche Briicht mit Föteli sinn herrlich, i finds super, dass de's machsch. Und, don't worry, isch au no mit Schiine und Bike e diggi Leistig. Aber i weiss scho, s'andere hätt dr besser passt... Big hug, gniess die letschte Etappe! Claudio
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