Day 11: From Britstown to Victoria West and on

Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

Travelled the Karoo for 170km today. Strenuous but rewarding ride with fascinating (seemingly) empty plains, hills and little towns that appear about all 50-100km. Today it was Britstown and Victoria West. Britstown, positioned between Johannesburg and Capetown, marked the middle of my trek. Had a little breakfast celebration at Sollie's petrol station. Instead a of champagne I chose a Creme Soda and a Steri Stumpy. The second town, Victoria West, is a charming little desert oasis with a core of victorian houses. Close to dead tired now. Will let the images speak. The Leguan, by the way, was not too euphoric about the photo session and used his tail to wip the iPhone out of my hand. It still works, me too.


Good for you Greg. Still going strong. You have made great strides so keep up your strength. Well done! A big hug from Ingrid
Ingrid (not verified)
Thanks Ingrid. Not going too strong anymore. However, three more days to go, Cape Town feels close! xo Greg
Gregory Gerhardt
Wow! We can appreciate your phenomenal progress even more after our own horse powered excursion.... The photos are a daily feast. - Puncture free rides, good weather and great sights, M & D
Anonymous (not verified)
Hi, Gregory. Good for you, though. Hope you can make it to the end. Good luck.
Claudiu Chirilov (not verified)
Hey Claudiu, good to read from you. With the bike it has become a soft version of my original plan. However, I've been busy fighting against the wind for the last three days. The opposite direction would have been just perfect. Hope you're doing fine, Greg
Gregory Gerhardt

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