Day 14: From Sutherland to Inverdoorn

Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

Woke up in a fridge. Sutherland had about 5 degrees Celsius and the rain and wind were drumming against the window. The coffee turned cold before I could grab it.  My toes never really got warm. Taking a positive approach I had the luck to live through what Sutherland is being praised for: Being the second coldest town in South Africa. After breakfast Dania dropped me on the R 356 and I took on the daily leg of my moonboot safari; this time equipped with wool cap, gloves, fleece and jacket. I must admit that for a fraction of a second I envied the enduro bikers (mostly BMW or KTM in South Africa) with their heated handlebars and their abundant horsepowers: The dirt road was bumpier and muddier than ever. After another day in full harmony with the vast and silent space of the Karoo I met Jannie and Heleen Kirsten who stopped by to check if I'd need any support. Another one of these short but intimate meetups that only happen out in a remote space like the Karoo. Arrived at the Inverdoorn Game Reserve. Will be heading for Wellington tomorrow.


Happy Easter to Moon-boot-man on safari! (in fact to all the Swissies!) Enjoying your journey every day - love the photos - keep on peddling - soon you'll reach the down hill stretch - love Tom xoxo
Tom Gerhardt (not verified)
Hey Gregge! Super Föteli, wiiter soo Moonboot-man! C.
Claudio (not verified)

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