Day 16: From Wellington to Cape Town

Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

Homerun. Left Wellington after one of these rich South African breakfasts: Coffee, cereals, porridge, pancakes, toasts. The calories took me all the way through to Durbanville, Bellville and down to Cape Town. After seven days of walking and seven days of cycling I arrived safe and sound at my starting point, the Nine Flowers Guesthouse. Matthias Schaffner took me to the Fireman's inn for a little celebration and some beers. Winding down. What a wonderful country South Africa is! Will have to sit down to structure all my thoughts and experiences. More right here.


What's blue and waits for you at the end of the Trek? It's a Bluedrop award :) Congrats for both your accomplishments!
George (not verified)
Thanks George. A nice topping on an already wonderful desert!
Gregory Gerhardt
Hi Greg, congratulations on your amazing achievement! I cannot believe that you are already on day 15 and have that distance behind you now. Andy is here at home on holidays and sends you good wishes. He has been without his computer and has had difficulty in following. More great photos. Many thanks. A big hug from Ingrid and one from Andy too.x
Ingrid (not verified)
Thanks Ingrid, yes, bikes are an amazing piece of innovation! Equipped with some racing wheels JHB - CPT would have been a ride of 7 days. Thanks to Andy - looking forward to see you all again, big hug, Greg
Gregory Gerhardt
Nice one Greg! Good to see you and your festering boot past the finish line, as well as having the sufficient surplus energy to support ugly people with their carnal needs! Well done you - love and big hugs Tom xoxo
Tom Gerhardt (not verified)
Thanks Tom, that boot has indeed grown into a new species in the South African wildlife. I'd call it a fungus. Prevailing theory classifies it as a hybrid sub-form of the crustaceas. However, let's share boots soon again, big hug, x, Greg
Gregory Gerhardt
Hey Greg Congrats on this accomplishment! You can be proud of yourself. Maybe it didn't turned out as planned, but you always made the best out of every single situation. Thanks also for the Everyday-Blogposts. Looking forward to see you soon =)
Boris (not verified)
Boris, looks like I've learnt a lot from agile development (and being an entrepreneur): There's always a plan B. See you soon - I'm eager to get back to my workbench.
Gregory Gerhardt
Congrats from me as well, Greg, well done! I especially like the stretching at the bar picture, it's always important to do some stretching before the first beer! ;)
Matze (not verified)
Indeed Matze, I usually add an extra beer before stretching to soften the muscle for better results.
Gregory Gerhardt
Hi Greg, congratulations to your accomplishment and your persistence. REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all have some beer on you. Cheers, Tom
Tom (not verified)
Thanks for your encouragement Tom. I must admit that the cycling part was relatively soft - can therefore not approve more than one beer.
Gregory Gerhardt
Congrats Greg, you're a star, so happy you achieved your goal, it was really great to follow you, enjoy your stay further in SA it was great meeting you and remember you and your familty are always welcome at Klipfontein Guest House, Wagterskop, Johannesburg, greatings Audrey and James Swanepoel
Audrey Swanepoel (not verified)
Thanks Audrey and James, your hospitality was outstanding. Long live Klipfontein Guest House!
Gregory Gerhardt
Congratulations Greg on a fantastic achievement in difficult circumstances. South Africa is very different to Switzerland but both are worth exploring. Very well done. Love Pat and Stephen
Stephen Flesch (not verified)
Thank you Pat and Stephen. It was an absolutely stunning journey - what a wonderful country.
Gregory Gerhardt
From feet to bycicle, from bycicle to classic car...;) . Man its about the journey, right? See you soon. Ciao.
Guido (not verified)
Guido, yes, all about the journey and agile development. I feel bit like a classic car myself right now. Looking forward to see you soon.
Gregory Gerhardt
Ueiiiiiieieiii Gerry!! Herzliche Gratulation! Ein feines Stūck Geschichte fūrs Gerhardt Album. Ben und sein Bruder in spe werden mächtig stolz sein auf seinen leicht verrūckten Daddy, und wir sinds auch. Freue mich auf deinen Erlebnisbericht bei Rūckkehr und Bier. Jetzt lass dich mal fein massieren.... Bis bald, Frede&Ursula
Frede (not verified)
Uee Dscherry, thanks. Ja, jetzt habe ich endlich ein paar Räubergeschichten auf Lager. Teilen wir mit Bier am Lagerfeuer.
Gregory Gerhardt
Congrats Greg - you made it! Ich gratuliere herzlich.... - lass es jetzt mal ein paar Tage ruhig angehen.. Gruss Urs
Urs (not verified)
Mach ich. Vielen Dank Urs. Morgen mal die Mailbox ruhig angehen :)
Gregory Gerhardt
_wow _endlich _harter hund _moonboots sind cool _nächsten monat auf allen laufstegen! _freu mich aufs fliegen :) _kommt gut heim _wird gesund! _cheers
tower (not verified)
Tower Hotel Bravo Zulu Tango roger. Moonboots gehören ab heute auf die Doping-Liste des ambitionierten Bikers.
Gregory Gerhardt
Gregyzinho! You've made it! Thanks for sharing that experience with us, enjoy the chilling part. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing more about the Moon Boot Bike Safari. Big hug Claudio
Claudio (not verified)
Thanks Claudio, let's meet soon again. Will be back in CH next week.
Gregory Gerhardt
Hi Greg Well done on finishing your journey. It was very enjoyable cycling together for the few kilometers in the Karoo from Melton Wold. Good memory of a quiet morning on the road and I enjoyed our chat (I got back just in time for breakfast !). Hope you enjoyed your time in the Cape and all the best with the new one on the way. Hope we can meet up again. Greetings from Cape Town. Lourens, Suzanne, Kayla, Jean-luc and Renzo.
Lourens de Waal (not verified)
Thanks Lourens, the pleasure was very much on my side. Our stretch actually remained the only walk ride in company. Often have to think back of Melton Wold - what a magic little place. Would love to meet up when in SA next time. We're planning on December/January. Regards to all your family, Greg
Gregory Gerhardt

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