Day 9: Preparing the 1000 km to Cape Town

Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

Drove past Modder River and Magersfontein to visit 2 of the most important battle sites of the second boer war. Within 2 hours I had another two punctures. Land of thornes. Knew that I had to get back to Kimberley to buy some more reserve tubes for the deserted 1000 km down to Cape Town. This shopping tour at the sportsman's warehouse I opted for the thorn resistant ones (>2mm) plus tyre liners and self-repair slime that gets injected into the tube and fills the holes as they appear (to be proven, maybe it's just a slimy sales story). If all goes well, my bike and moonboot should take me down the 200km to Britstown tomorrow, situated exactly between Johannesburg and Cape Town.


New business model inflight. Like it.
Mark (not verified)
Pivot business models, develop agile, ... if there wasn't this muzzler I'd even like my bike.
Gregory Gerhardt
FUDI... so guet! Gregge, diggi Sach, jetzt halt mit em Bike, aber das isch sicher au sehr cool! Diini Fotene sinn super und ych lueg fascht jede Daag, was de n eso triibsch. Take care, keep up the good spirit! C.
Claudio (not verified)
Hey Claudio, scho schad, dass ich ha miesse uff's Velo umsattle. Vor allem, will sich de Räscht vom Körper nach ere Wuche an d'Belaschtig het afo gwöhne. Aber mi linke Fuess gseht immer no us wie dä vonere alte Frau. Mit Moonboot problemlos. Jetzt isch's FUDI d'Prolemzone worde... Bis bald, Gregge
Gregory Gerhardt
Flexible thinking - nice one - beats roller skates! Lets hope the 'Fug It' does what it says on the tin! Take care - love Tom xox
Tom Gerhardt (not verified)
Wait Tom - I've still got 3 more days to go. Looking at my buttocks I might shift to roller skates these days. Big hug, Greg
Gregory Gerhardt
Fug it Gerry! And take care of your, and the fudis on the road. Rubber it, gogo.
Frede (not verified)
Frede, Fug it worked fugging well I must admit. Important though: Don't pull the thorns out once they're in. A mistake I made twice, Dscherry gogo
Gregory Gerhardt
Du wärst nicht Gregy, wenn du dich von so einem Plastikfuss aufhalten lassen würdest! Den kannst du ja am Pedal anschrauben, Clickpedal. Go with the FUDI!
Luci (not verified)
Luci, etwas ist mir klar geworden. Nächstes mal mit BMW G 450 X.
Gregory Gerhardt

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