Performance Diagnostics

Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

When I started training a year ago I went to the Schulthess Klinik  to set my first benchmark: I had the heart rates and lactate levels tested at staged running speeds. Now, one year later, the day of truth has come. I went for the final test. It wasn't exactly what Haile Gebrsellassie would have scored but the average 6 hours of training per week have definitely lowered my average heart rates and lactate results. One year ago the 2.0 mmol/l threshold was at 12.3 km/h and 166 hartbeats per minute. Today it's at 13.1 km/h and 156 heartbeats per minute.


Hi Gregory, "Thorough preparation makes its own luck." AND "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence...Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." You're all set !!! GOOD LUCK! Best, Mike
Mike Bite (not verified)
Thanks Mike, you would not believe how good it is to read a motivating comment.
Gregory Gerhardt
Ueiiii Gerry, gogo, lauf die Sohlen warm Junge. Wir denken an dich von der Ferne wo wir grad im Begriff sind, Blasen vom heissen Gili Air Island (Lombok) Sand einzufangen, beim Marsch zum nächsten Internet Cafe. Guten Start und Umarmung. Frede&Ursula
Tscherry (not verified)

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