Posted by Gregory Gerhardt

Welcome. This site will accompany my ultra-long-distance trek planned for April 2012. The challenge: Walk from Johannesburg to Cape Town in less than 30 days and carry all necessary equipment with me. Why did I choose to do this?
Firstly I love South Africa. Secondly I want to, - at least once in my life, experience a distance that we otherwise just consume by plane or car. I want to trek the 1400 km (870 miles) without using one wheel. Special thanks to the Amazee Labs team for supporting me with this project. Honourable mentions go Andrew and Victor who guided me through design and development. So, only hundred more days to go. Check back, I'll keep you updated right here.


Good luck! We will be following your journey closely. We are confident that you will achieve your goals and enjoy the challenges.
Ingrid (not verified)
Ingrid, thanks a lot. I can't wait to go. I enjoyed a good time with Sam by the way - great son.
Gregory Gerhardt
Thanks for hosting Sam and Cory. They had a super time thank you. Kirsten says hello and good luck!
Ingrid (not verified)
Hi Greg, how is it going so far? I have just opened a Twitter account so I can tweet from time to time. We shall be following you closely! Good luck! Ingrid & Co
Ingrid (not verified)

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